The major thing that sets these two apart is that you can frame canvas without glass, but when it comes to fine art paper, you'll need glass for framing.

Deciding which option is best for you will come down to which style of framing best suits your space. There’s a freshness and immediacy that canvas provides and is closest to the look of my originals. We can also frame and ship these to you as a hassle-free ready to hang option! Glass frames provide a polished and refined look to the artwork, contributing to a sense of sophistication and elegance.

Ultimately, the choice between fine art paper or cotton canvas depends on taste, the intended display environment, and your desired visual impact. 

Let's have a look at canvas and paper to help you choose the material that suits you best!


  • Framing without glass lets the artwork speak for itself
  • No reflections to worry about – that's one cool thing about no glass.
  • printed on the same quality canvas that my originals are painted on
  • To keep your artwork looking its best, we've added a special sealant to our canvases. It protects against UV and moisture, and you can even give it a gentle wipe if needed!
  • You'll find canvas frames are lighter than glass, making them safer and easier to hang.
  • Get your canvas prints ready to hang – order them already framed
  • When you choose the unframed option, your canvas will arrive rolled in a tube. All set for your local framer to work their magic and have it stretched and framed.
  • Every canvas print comes with a mirror edge wrap of 5cm all around, giving you room to stretch it when you frame it. The final size after stretching matches the size you chose when you made your purchase



  • To get it framed, you'll need some glass – just give your local framer a call to make it happen and ask about non-reflective glass as an option
  • Your framer can offer helpful suggestions on the right wall anchor to support the weight of your artwork.
  • Printed on fine art museum quality archival paper
  • Let your framer know how you'd like your artwork framed – whether you want it edge to edge or with a matte board, it's all up to you!




Canvas and paper artworks share similar colours and UV resistance. The real difference lies in texture and the kind of frame they need. Pick the style that feels just right for you!

I hope this info makes it a bit easier to choose materials for your artwork shopping!